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Would you like to be notified BEFORE your user starts getting a slow response time?


LaceWatcher PRO "Agent-less" product does not examine the users' data, but can indicate by the data structure of the disk the pattern of usage of any computer or server.

LaceWatcher PRO provides information where the problems are even before the user starts getting slower. The "User Experience" can be indirectly measured.

LaceWatcher PRO enables maintenance optimization and enables using less maintenance personnel.

 A regular practice of unattended fragmentation-management delays upgrading of computers before they become over-fragmented. The warning information can be escalated simply be receiving an email or by any asset management product. Compatibility tests (conducted by professionals from the vendors' team) have been successfully completed for:

  • CA's NSM

  • HP Operations Manager 

  • IBM's Tivoli

 Managing the usage of servers can help any customer having a storage migration project decide which server should be upgraded to a storage device.

News (2008, 25 Sept): A "Stress test" was successfully completed at one of our industrial major users. In the test, the 10TB product was fully populated with old computers that was candidates for replacement. The schedule interval of the workstations was changed to "daily" in order to generate artificial stress of the system. The test ran for 60 days (Equivalent to more than a year's activity) with zero defects and interesting findings.

The concept:

  • An Automatic standard Defragmentation command can be activated on the remote station when the fragmentation level increases over a policy defined threshold.

  • If the results of the above do not improve the situation, a second level alert is generated.

  • LaceWatcher-PRO enables lateral fragmentation measurement based on the technology introduced with Lacelevel2 that was checked by 300,000  users.

  • Warning alerts are sent by e-mail or directed to any Asset Management software

  • An "installation at a glance" view of your network is available, which compares your network's fragmentation level to  other networks.

 LaceWatcher PRO Specifications:

  • LaceWatcher PRO runs unattended on any station or server having  Administrator’s credentials. Every disk may have its own check schedule and alert threshold.

  • LaceWatcher PRO does not require installation of any "client" software.

  • The initial definitions of the stations can be easily filled with a “Drag and Drop” of stations from the ”Entire network” Folder or Active Directory.

  •  LaceWatcher PRO screen can be viewed in accordance with to the requirements of the Network Manager as follows:

    • Sorted by fragmentation level, in order to create an action plan starting with the most fragmented disks

    • By last fragmentation level check date, in order to periodically cover all the computers in the organization

    • By station name, in order to assist manageability

  • Technical note: Installations who allow activation of a personal firewall BEHIND the organization firewall, are advised to use "Good Management Practices" with LaceWatcher PRO and configure those machines with management capabilities. Click here for more details.

LaceWatcher PRO 80GB disks DEMO

  supports total 1TB of storage.

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