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Lace Watcher DEMO requires registration

Dear &Name,
The demo of Lace Watcher that you are about to download contains all the features of the full version supporting 1TB storage. Partitions having a capacity over 250GB are disabled and trying to enable them activates a purchase reminder.

[Click to download]

The product will be placed in your download folder, and you'll have to install it from there.
Note: The downloaded file is an .exe file. If it conflicts with your security standards and it fails to download, please use:
http://www.disklace.com/cgi-bin/downloadw.cgi?id=LWPZ1250GB , and use "1234" as a password to open the downloaded zip file

The following stages of the implementation (after the installation) are:
1. Install and run using administrator credentials (Run "as administartor" to get elavated mode if requested)
2. First add the local disks and let the program calculate the status of your disks.
3. Setup the alert mechanism to notify exceptional conditions, and press the "test" button to make sure you did it correctly.
4. Add more computers in the same network, (either directly or using LaceView tool) to see how the remote management works.
Disklace development team.