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When slowdown symptoms appear - it is too late to recover.
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For four years now, Lace Watcher successfully maintains our critical servers
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Fragmentation is a phenomenon in which storage is inefficiently used and reduces capacity or performance of storage devices
It reduces both performance and capacity - and can be avoided:


Slowdown problems in critical servers .
Performance problems in portable devices
SSD devices with a short lifespan
BIG-DATA planning mistakes
Silent users suffering from performance problems
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Our products are based upon a scientific analysis:    - - > .



Major capabilities:

> Proactive preventive unattended maintenance ( 30% less unplanned upgrades +  20% less manual maintenance )

> Comparative storage quality status chart.

> ROI in 6 months Report summary.

>  Alerts can be escalated to any Asset management software.

> We welcome developers of asset management software to OEM our patented factor


Disklace products are for organizations of all sizes and highly skilled home users:
Available for different platforms:

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Lace Level 2 with OUTLOOK support

This is the basic technology with more than 300,000 users: It measures the fragmentation level of disks. The latest feature added is measuring the disorder level of OUTLOOK files.

  • For highly skilled users and end-users in organizations
  • Up to 4TB disk partitions
  • Supporting both real or virtual disks and any other technologies (Cloud) that fully emulates disk access
  • This tool is required especially if you are using old disks
  • Will provide you with a constant performance, required by gamers.
  • A special tool for administrators to manually measure fragmentation of remote stations and servers' disks. look

Lace Watcher (Storage care)

A proactive way of storage management for SMB & Enterprise. SysAdmins can manage how data is actually used for a better business insight.

  • An unattended measurement system of bottlenecks before users complain - using periodical snapshots
  • It is safe. No modification to your current software is required. A unique snapshot ranks overall disk usage.
  • Put your finger on the pulse of data usage on disks, laptops and servers using client-less technology
  • Your users will never have to defrag their disks again - an important responsibility they tend to neglect
  • Streamline technician and remote managed services work by shifting to an alert based maintenance mode
  • Ranks overall maintenance level (for SLA)