300,000 hard disks analyzed

When slowdown symptoms appear - it is too late to recover.
This was the conclusion of our research.
Google Desktop approved plug-in
Where vs How
For four years now, Lace Watcher successfully maintains our critical servers
4 Million WI-FI users
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Storage Management is more than just Capacity Measurement.
It is also about Quality Measurement that prevents service problems before you see them.


Slowdown and continuity problems in critical servers and sensitive computers
Performance problems in portable devices that were never managed before
Users with SSD devices complaining about slow service without any reason
Define your BIG-DATA according to actual usage pattern
Locate silent users (workstations or laptops) who suffer from performance problems



Get more information based on our (patented) unique analysis: Click to see the graph that was presented in Storage Research conference SYSTOR10 hosted by IBM.


1. Our research checked data maps in storage devices. We locate storage devices with a high disorder level suffering from performance degradation. Those users are shown in the chart's red
zone. They suffer from irreversible performance degradation.
2. We locate your users at the yellow zone who are getting closer to the red point-of-no-return and send alert when manual intervention can still help avoiding the damage.


Our software does not only check what is wrong:

> Proactive preventive unattended maintenance eliminates 30% of unplanned upgrades +  20% less manual maintenance.

> Based on continuously collected anonymous results from all users, introduce a comparative Storage quality chart.

> ROI in 6 months. Click here to see.

> Obtain a detailed End-to-end storage view constructed by merging all storage devices scanned.

>  Manage distributed storage in heterogeneous platforms exactly as seen by the users.

>  Alerts can be escalated and the events can be easily received by any Asset management software.

> We welcome developers of asset management software who want to OEM our patented factor into their solutions.


Disklace products are for organizations of all sizes and highly skilled home users:
You may use it in different platforms:

Android      -->
It is safe. No change in your current infrastructure or software is required.

Lace Level 2 with OUTLOOK support

This is the basic technology with more than 300,000 users: It measures the fragmentation level of disks. The latest feature added is measuring the disorder level of OUTLOOK files.

  • For highly skilled users and end-users in organizations
  • Up to 4TB disk partitions
  • Supporting both real or virtual disks and any other technologies (Cloud) that fully emulates disk access
  • This tool is required especially if you are using old disks
  • Will provide you with a constant performance, required by gamers.
  • A special tool for administrators to manually measure fragmentation of remote stations and servers' disks. look

Lace Watcher (Storage care)

A proactive way of storage management for SMB & Enterprise. SysAdmins can manage how data is actually used for a better business insight.

  • An unattended measurement system of bottlenecks before users complain - using periodical snapshots
  • A unique view ranks overall disk usage - analysed in a "Wisdom of Crowds" technology
  • Put your finger on the pulse of data usage on disks, laptops and servers using client-less technology
  • Your users will never have to defrag their disks again - an important responsibility they tend to neglect
  • Streamline technician and remote managed services work by shifting to an alert based maintenance mode
  • Ranks overall maintenance level (for SLA)